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Музыка: All Would Envy

Исполняет: Chris Botti & Shawn Colvin

Сколько времени занимает: 05:33

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Ещё от исполнителя Chris Botti & Shawn Colvin

Текст песни:

Old enough to be her dad
But the young men were just mad they nursed their grievances
And she was flattered by his charm
It wouldn't do her any harm they all had their chances

He sent her flowers and limousines
She was treated like a queen
Anything she ever wanted
It was no problem for a man like him
And everyone expected soon
That she could ask him for the moonВ
If she would wear his ring

Knowing glances from his friends
In the homes at the weekends of high society
But he didn't give a damn
He never felt more like a man

And all the time the clock was ticking
And all would envy the older man and his beautiful young wife
Yes, all would envy

In a house upon a hill
She was there with time to kill
She lived a life she'd only dreamed
The life was never what it seemed
To all her friends that she d ignoredВ
She denied she was bored
She had no time for dancing, no time for dancing

But the clock upon the wallВ
That was ticking in the hall
Always reminded her
That life was going on as well
But she was happy and she would swear she wouldn't change a thing

And all would envy the older man and his beautiful young wife
Yes, all would envy

Now it's 5 o'clock am
She must have spent the night again with that old friend of hers
She loves to dance
She's missing more and more these days
But he's still stuck in his old ways
Perhaps she needs a little more romance
But the clock upon the wall is still ticking in the hall
She must be home soon soon
Where a younger man would weep
He takes a pill and goes to sleep

Now who would envy the older man and his beautiful young wife
Who would envy?
Who would envy?


Chris Botti (trumpet) and Shawn Colvin (vocal) "All Would Envy"


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